#Kamal asks for report card from the government … M.N.M. Chief Executive !!

 #Kamal asks for report card from the government … M.N.M. Chief Executive !!
Chennai: While Kamal has been questioning the DMK government as to where the report card is, on the other hand, Senthil Arumugam, the administrator of the People's Justice Center, has published a record praising the government's plan.

He lauded the Tamil Nadu Health Department's Search for People Medical Program and said that the elderly would benefit from the scheme.

As Kamal Siri comes through with statements against the government, the praise of one of the key executives of his party is considered important in politics.

In the meantime, we talked to him about publishing a record praising the medical program for people searching. He then said, “The beauty of a good opposition is that it praises where it should be praised and points where it should point out mistakes. We are closely monitoring the activities of the Government of Tamil Nadu in that regard.

Since my parents had to be vaccinated against corona, I thought I could find people and get vaccinated through a medical program. I searched people yesterday morning and called the medical project phone number and told them the details. Over the next half hour the medical team came to my house. This gave me a surprise.

The medical team also tested the parents' blood pressure, including the corona vaccine. Thus I have appreciated this project because I really considered it a project to be appreciated. At the same time, I have posted on my social media pages the statement made by our leader asking for a report card from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

For the first time in India, I have praised many projects in Tamil Nadu, such as a separate budget for agriculture. So this has nothing to do with politics. I will never hesitate to point out the faults of the state. So don't confuse the two of you. "


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