Hindutva Groups Burnt Sunny Leone’s Poster Against ‘Madhuban’ Music Video!!

 Hindutva Groups Burnt Sunny Leone’s Poster Against ‘Madhuban’ Music Video!!

Right-wing demonstrators set fire to the posters of actor Sunny Leone in Mumbai on December 28, accusing her of hurting Hindu sensibilities in a new music video for ‘Madhuban’ in which she was featured.

The people from the Antarrashtriya Hindu Parishad and the Rashtriya Bajrang Dal assembled at the Soorsadan crossing on MG Road and sang anti-Antarrashtriya Hindu Parishad and anti-Rashtriya Bajrang Dal slogans. They demanded that the song be banned, as well as filed a police complaint against the actor at the Hariparwat police station. According to them, “Hindus have been offended by the new music video.”

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra, on Sunday, said to take down the ‘obscene’ music video. In the wake of the controversy, music label Saregama on Sunday said the company will “change” the name and lyrics of the song ‘madhuban mein Radhika naache’ after Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra alleged the music video, had hurt Hindus’ religious sentiments.

“In light of recent feedback and respecting the sentiments of our fellow countrymen, we will be changing the lyrics and name of the song ‘madhuban…’. The new song will replace the old across all platforms over the next three days,” Saregama said in a statement earlier this week.


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