Arjun Kapoor recounts his fitness journey battling COVID-19 last year

 Arjun Kapoor recounts his fitness journey battling COVID-19 last year

Arjun Kapoor has upped his fitness game in the past one year, impressing fans with his slimmer and fitter look. On Monday, the actor took to Instagram to mark a year since he had tested positive to COVID-19 and how he has push his fitness levels in the past 12 months.

Sharing a picture from the gym, Arjun wrote, “one year anniversary! Aap soch rahe hoge kis cheez ka? Koi khushiyon wali anniversary nahin hai yeh, it’s one year since i tested positive for covid-19… and it pushed my fitness level back by months. I had just started getting into a routine with Drew on zoom sessions in lockdown and boom, I got Covid.


 For someone like me – the struggle is continuous, every day counts, every training session counts. I remember being demoralised, distraught. I was just on the path to making a turnaround – emotionally, mentally, I was there to make it happen…”

Revealing his journey to getting fit and what kept him motivated all this while, Arjun added, “I took some days to get over the fact that after taking all the precautions, it happened to me. But I told myself, I will work doubly hard to not let this throw me off the rails. Clean Eating & resting my mind & body was at its peak during my recovery. I thank Akshay Arora for his brilliance in making super healthy & yet enjoyable food that made me bounce back. I restarted virtual training sessions with my trainer Drew Neal immediately after I tested negative & that boosted my morale. The slow and steady road to recovery continued for a few months. It took a lot out of me and it took me a couple of months to feel that I’m on the right path to getting fitter again.”

Concluding on a positive note the actor added, “A year later I’m still a work in progress… But I’m proud of the journey, I’m happy where I’m today & raring to move forward with my new found vigour over the last 12 months #MakeEveryDayCount #WorkInProgress.”


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