#Abolish GST: IMPPA Approaches Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Regarding Film Industry!!

 #Abolish GST: IMPPA Approaches Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Regarding Film Industry!!

The Indian motion pictures producers association has reached out to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, requesting her to terminate the Goods and Services Tax charged on the film industry.

Signed by IMPPA President TP Aggarwal  the letter reads, “Requesting you to kindly consider the pain and torment the Film Industry is going through due to high taxation and also GST being levied at 18% which is at a very high rate because this is an industry where Government makes no investment at all but takes away the lion’s share in the income generated and therefore in such an industry where the entire capital is being given by the entrepreneurs and today at a stage where the industry has reached a dead end due to the pandemic it has become very important and necessary that new blood & strength be pumped into the industry by way of abolishing GST and all other taxes as a onetime measure to revive the industry.”

The letter further stated that the Government should immediately take necessary steps to abolish or substantially reduce GST on the M&E Industry, for the industry to flourish.

Highlighting the agony of the producers, the letter read, “All Producers are facing severe financial crisis and losses while the Central and State Government make huge income out of various taxes imposed at almost all levels of film production as also production and exploitation of various other entertainment programs and events which are also heavily taxed irrespective of the fate of the producer.

 It is high time that the Government provides immediate financial as well as entertainment relief to the poor citizens of the country by either abolishing GST on the Film & Entertainment Industry or at least reduce it to the lowest level of 5% all over the country in a totally uniform manner which would be highly appreciated by the Film Industry.

We once again request your kind self to consider our plea and bring joy happiness and cultural diversity of India to all homes of Indians situated anywhere in the universe. We are sure that you will not hesitate to come forward to help the Film & Entertainment Industry to survive and we look forward for your timely help in this matter and oblige.”


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