Wait before believing these nail myths?

 Wait before believing these nail myths?

Remove nail polish occasionally to give your nails a break:

This is a myth which most people believe. All women love nail polish and nail art and we would never want to give up on that or even take a break from. But taking a break has nothing to do with nail health as professionally removing properly is all that matters every time u apply it. Also make sure to use good quality product.

Will the nail polish last longer in the fridge?

Today we have Gel Polish that has taken over the crowned position. However, if you do use temporary polish, you must close the bottle tightly after each use to avoid evaporation. If you do put it in the fridge, you must bring it to room temperature before application to ensure a smooth finish. Life of the polish doesn’t increase in the fridge.

Wetting nails into ice water will make the nail polish dry faster?

The days of temporary polish are long gone. for nail polish to dry it requires the evaporation of solvents. Your tech will put you in front of a fan to speed up the evaporation. Upgrade to gel nail polish to dry faster.

Including gelatin in your diet will strengthen weak nails:

We all know that gelatin is a protein and nails are also made of keratin, there’s no scientific research to prove that gelatin can strengthen the nails. Add good nutrients in your daily diet including proteins. That is more than enough.

Is cutting cuticles good for nail health?

Cuticle is dead skin on the nail plate and eponychium is living skin. Removing the cuticle is ok and advised. But less is always more. Be cautious about that.


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