Looking for an amazing rooftop view restaurant that has all the entertainment?

 Looking for an amazing rooftop view restaurant that has all the entertainment?

This summer, we must have planned a lot of activities to engage ourselves. It’s always the best to experience the breeze tingling us with a cold drink or even a hot cup of coffee. We are always looking for a great place to be with our friends or have some adult time.

There is one such new spot opened at our prime heart of Chennai, Nungambakkam. It’s the Barracuda Brew on 24th, College Road, Near Subba Road Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai. It’s a great place which has a Restobar on the 5th floor and a rooftop restaurant.

The RestoBar has a classy vibe. The seating and the décor have a relaxed and comforting feeling to it. It doesn’t have a dance floor but its spacious enough for some moves! The rooftop is to die for. One of the best places with a great view and fabulous ambience.  Food is smack gobbling and a treat for the eyes as well. They have huge hanging chandeliers which has a modern rustic touch to it. Intricate details have been given to every noon and corner. Best part is the centre drinks station which has all kinds of liquor, cocktails, mocktails, coffee brews etc. Coffee was one of my favourites to choose from. This feeling were the evening breeze hits you along with a cold or a hot coffee makes my day.

They serve hooka as well, which is quite rare to find in Chennai which has all the entertainment such as liquor, food, rooftop ambiance, etc. They also have valet parking which is quick and efficient. Definitely, a must-go place if you want to experience a new wild side of Chennai.


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