How to naturally hydrate your lips?

 How to naturally hydrate your lips?

Women and few men love to have plush looking lips. Its one thing which attracts many and a study shows that most people notice our lips first when they see our face. We are all experimenting with products that are organic hoping it is with less or no chemicals. But one must understand, to make it long lasting, few ingredients are added which Is not purely organic. Why would one take all the effort to search for products and spend a lot of money, when simple ingredients in the kitchen can yield us results with the cheapest materials used.

How can you make use of beetroot in your skincare routine? Well, beetroot has superpowers in making your lips softer and pinker. Most of us give importance and care for hair and face but tend to forget small things like lips. They also need special care.

Beetroot is enriched with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is one such super ingredient that makes your skin brighter and gives an even tone. Beetroot on lips helps in getting rid of darker lips making your lips brighter and lighter. Also, the pink color of beetroot adds a tinge of pink to your lips.

Your lips become softer. The hydrating properties present in beetroot help in making your super soft. It also aids in reducing lines from your lips because of its anti-aging benefits thus making your lips younger.

Few ways to use beetroot for lips such as making a paste of fresh beetroot and mix it with sugar. Add a little bit of olive oil to this mixture and start scrubbing your lips. This is an easy hack to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation with beetroot will help in getting rid of the dead skin cells, making your lips softer and brighter. To get brighter lips with beetroot, take one teaspoon of beetroot juice and mix with a few drops of lemon juice. The Vitamin C properties of both beetroot and lemon will brighten your lips.


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