Dhokla has become a healthy favorite amongst everyone!

 Dhokla has become a healthy favorite amongst everyone!

Dhokla is made with rice and chana dhal, while the yellow dhokla is Khaman which is made of ground soaked chana. Its one of India’s favorite snacking staples.

Difference between Dhokla and Khaman:

Very few know the difference between them. The yellow fermented cakes with mustard seeds, coconut shavings and green chilies are not Dhoklas, they are Khaman. Dhokla is perceived differently, but it is white unless its nylon Dhokla that’s unfermented and made with besan. Initially Khaman’s were sold as Khaman Dhoklas, but somewhere down the line, Khaman was dropped from the name. Khaman has a best shelf life and became one of the biggest symbols of Gujarat food.

Dhokla is healthy and oil free:

Dhoklas are low calorie and low in protein and made with little oil. The fermentation of flour enhances the nutritional value. Also, it is steamed which is an added value. Fermented foods are easier to digest. It improves digestion, increases energy levels and helps in weight loss.

Few healthy recipes for Dhokla are as follows:

Dhokla pizza:

It’s made by cutting into bite-sized pizzas and topped with tomato and schezwan sauce mix, diced bell peppers and grated cheese garnished with dried oregano and chilli flakes.

Spinach Dhokla:

Palak (spinach) Dhokla is a delicious steamed lentil cake made with spinach puree. One can make it using chana or a mixture of dals. You can also make it using gram flour and it will taste delicious.

Oats Dhokla:

The sooji and oats dhokla is a delicious steamed cake made with blend of green, semolina and oats. It adds nutritional value to the traditional sooji dhokla. The addition of oats makes it nutritional and a perfect snack for adult and children.

Corn Dhokla:

Makai or corn Dhokla is a light and healthy snack, made using fresh corn kernels. The corn enhances the taste and texture of dhokla. Makai Dhokla can be made by adding fresh corn and cornmeal to dhokla batter.


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