Vikruthi trailer shows film with a mix of fun and high drama

Two parallel stories appear to be told in Vikrithi, a new film featuring Soubin Shahir and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the lead. The trailer begins lightheartedly with Soubin’s friends and family teasing him about his marriage. Suraj’s story arc shows the picture of a happy family, with his wife and two kids. The background score changes as the trailer progresses and a few policemen led by actor Baburaj enter the picture. It appears to take on a serious note, with a police case happening. Vikruthi has a script by Ajeesh P Thomas and it is the directorial debut of Emcy Joseph, who is making his transition from ads to feature films. The script is based on a true incident. It is produced by AD Sreekumar, Ganesh Menon, Lakshmi Warrier. Alby is the cinematographer and Bijibal is the music composer for Vikrithi. The film is edited by Ayoobkhan. Apart from Suraj and Soubin, other actors in the cast include Irshad, Baburaj, Surabhi Lakshmi, Balu Varghese, Sudhi Koppa, Bhagath Manuel, and a new actor playing the role of Zeenath. The film is set for an October release.

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