Three Christs Trailer: Richard Gere and Peter Dinklage Grapple with a Jesus Complex

IFC Films just unveiled a trailer for their upcoming drama Three Christs, featuring an all-star cast including Gere, Peter Dinklage, Walton Goggins, Bradley Whitford, and Julianna Margulies. Directed and co-written by Jon Avnet, the drama sees Gere’s Dr. Alan Stone conducting a psychiatric case study on three patients, who each have paranoid schizophrenic delusions. Dinklage, Goggins, and Whitford portray the three men, each demanding to be addressed by what they believe is their “proper name.” Despite the strange premise, it’s actually based on a real book-length case study by Milton Rokeach, The Three Christs of Ypsilanti. The real story of Three Christs was inspired by a Harper’s Magazine article describing two women who both believed they were the Virgin Mary. After being assigned as psychiatric hospital roommates, one of the women recovered from her delusion as a result of conversations with the roommate and was discharged. Three Christs releases in theaters and on VOD on January 10. 

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