The Last Full Measure Trailer: Reveals Sebastian Stan Investigating a War Hero

The Last Full Measure has debuted its first trailer for starry Vietnam war drama, with Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Christopher Plummer, William Hurt, Jeremy Irvine and the late Peter Fonda in one of his last known film roles. The film is set during the Vietnam War, and tells the true story of an Air Force medic who stayed behind in battle and was personally responsible for saving over 60 men. The film is written and directed by Todd Robinson. The Last Full Measure picks up thirty-two years after Pits (Jeremy Irvine) saved the lives of more than sixty men during a deadly battle in 1966. Judging by the trailer, most of the film will focus on Huffman as he’s tasked by the Pentagon with fast-tracking the Medal of Honor request made by Pits’ best friend and combat partner on his final mission (Hurt). As the preview goes on to reveal, Huffman gradually uncovers a conspiracy behind Pits’ being denied the medal after all these years, forcing him to make some tough choices in his search for justice. Stan and Hurt are joined by their fellow MCU alumnus Jackson and Ed Harris (Westworld) as two of the Vietnam veterans who witnessed Pits’ valor during the war, along with Christopher Plummer (Knives Out) as Pits’ fading, but still determined father. The Last Full Measure opens theatrically on January 17, 2020.

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