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Alia Bhatt’s classy response to Kangana

Kangana Ranaut has called out Bollywood superstars for not supporting her during the release of her film Manikarnika. In an earlier interview she had called Alia Bhatt a puppet of Karan Johar’s and had asked Alia to grow a spine. Alia has come out with a classy response to Kangana’s tirade. Alia said in recent […]

Kangana tells Alia to grow a spine

Kangana Ranaut had earlier spoken about how people in the industry, including Aamir Khan and Alia, did not support her during the release of Marnikarnika. In a recent interview Alia said that she would personally like to apologise to Kangana if she had upset her. She wasn’t aware of the problem as she was busy […]

Kangana Ranaut is miffed with Alia Bhatt and Aamir Khan

Kangana Ranaut is miffed about the cold indifference of her contemporaries towards her, says no one from Bollywood ever shows support for her work in spite of her extending them support and favors. Having spoken up about nepotism and a close-knit industry in the past, the actress has now said that she has been ‘absolutely […]

The Storm surrounding Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika

It looks like Kangana Ranaut can’t stay away from controversy for too long. Her recent film Manikarnika seems to be doing well at the box office but Kangana has been the recipient of a lot of criticism lately. The film’s co-director Krish Jagarlmudi slammed the actress for being the real reason why he quit the […]

12 வருட ஆசை தற்போது நிறைவேறி இருக்கிறது – கங்கனா ரனாவத்

ஜீ ஸ்டுடியோஸ் மற்றும் கமல் ஜெயின் இணைந்து மிக பிரமாண்டமாக தயாரித்திருக்கும் திரைப்படம் மணிகர்னிகா – ஜான்சியின் ராணி. ராதாகிருஷ்ணா, ஜாகர்லமுடி மற்றும் கங்கனா ரனாவத் ஆகியோர் இணைந்து இயக்கியிருக்கும் இந்த படத்தில் ராணி மணிகர்ணிகாவாக கங்கனா ரனாவத் நடித்திருக்கிறார். அங்கிதா லோகண்டே, ஜீஷூ சென்குப்தா, டேனி டென்சாங்போ, அதுல் குல்கர்னி ஆகியோர் முக்கிய கதாபாத்திரங்களில் நடித்துள்ளனர். இந்த படம் இந்தி, தமிழ் மற்றும் தெலுங்கு ஆகிய மும்மொழிகளில் வரும் ஜனவரி 25ஆம் தேதி உலகமெங்கும் வெளியாகிறது. […]
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