Raising Social Awareness through Art – Vijay Pichumani’s (IM)possibilities

As we walk through the Art Houz Gallery that is hosting ‘(IM)possibilities’ a solo exhibition by National Award-winning artist Vijay Pichumani, you are mesmerized by the sheer brilliance and the intricacies of the works on display. Each work on display has a story of its own and there seems to be an over arching theme where the artist is trying to create the social awareness that there are endless possibilities in nature, if only we would notice and recognize the pattern.

Vijay is a woodcut print artist who likes to go on road trips. He says that in the last year, he has traveled extensively through Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In his travels, he noticed the struggles of the people due to the acute water crisis and this exhibition focuses on the dire situation. A section of the exhibition features wood-work installations on the theme of water shortage. Vijay through his art shows us how there are certain regions that are affected by excess water and then there are those that face the problem of water shortage. There is an installation of water pots which are made from different types of wood brought together, which Vijay says is a representation of our search for water through the many layers of the earth and the imbalance that occurs because of it, resulting in us carrying water pots and standing in queues, waiting for water.

There are also other pieces which are intriguing, like the installation that is hanging from the roof of the venue, a body made of wood with wooden protrusions that look like roots hanging from it, a moth with different patterns on its wings, a seed, a dog feeding its litter, a tiger prowling and many more. Vijay says that all of the work on display have been inspired by the sights, sounds and emotions he felt during his travels in the past year. (Im)possibilities will be on display till October 31 at Art Houz gallery, Sterling Road.

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