Marvel’s Misdirection – New Endgame theory

There is a new theory doing the rounds about Avengers: Endgame. After watching Avengers: Infinity war, we came to realize that there were a lot of shots missing that we had only seen in the trailer of Infinity war. We simply decided that Marvel had performed a bit of misdirection, and shown us footage exclusively shot for the trailer. But the new theory suggests that what we saw in the trailer of Infinity war is indeed the events that will occur during Endgame.

A long standing theory of Endgame is that the Avengers will use time travel to defeat Thanos. A theorist on Reddit has come out with a list which if you have a close look actually makes the Infinity war trailer look as if it was made for Endgame.

In the film, Tony Stark reacts to the Black Order’s arrival by removing his sunglasses while at the same time his nano-tech suit automatically gets into action. In the trailer, he’s simply removing his glasses. Another change occurs during Captain America’s entry. In the film, he was much more visible in the shadows, but in the trailer, he is completely hidden in the darkness. Perhaps in Endgame he will take longer to emerge, contemplating the possibilities entering into the fight for a second time.

The third change happens when the trailer shows Thanos putting the blue Space Stone in the Infinity Gauntlet, but in the film he already had the Power Stone, and then acquired the Space Stone from Loki. Perhaps in Endgame, the Avengers prevented Thanos from getting the Power Stone. The fourth change happens when Thanos clenches his fist, to show the Power and Space Stones. But in the film, the same shot also showed the Reality and Soul Stones.

The fifth and most significant change occurs in the trailer’s money shot, which shows the Avengers running towards the camera. In the film, the characters’ positions are slightly changed, and the Hulk isn’t seen at all. Perhaps in Endgame, the Hulk will be more confident to make an appearance and will take an active part in the Battle of Wakanda.

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