Kangana tells Alia to grow a spine

Kangana Ranaut had earlier spoken about how people in the industry, including Aamir Khan and Alia, did not support her during the release of Marnikarnika. In a recent interview Alia said that she would personally like to apologise to Kangana if she had upset her. She wasn’t aware of the problem as she was busy with shooting and that she doesn’t want to upset anyone.

When asked about Alia’s response, Kangana has once agains slammed the Raazi actress. Kangana said that she called Alia over the phone and demanded to know why she didn’t come out in support of Manikarnika. Kangana has suggested that Alia grow a spine and make her own decisions. She has told Alia that being Karan Johar’s puppet is not being successful. Kangana hopes that Alia understands the true meaning of success and her responsibilities.

Kanagana has claimed at a recent event that the industry had ganged up against her for her “nepotism” comment but she was not afraid. She said that she will take everyone in Bollywood to task for bullying her. Kangana says that she will make their lives hell and expose all of them.

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