Enter the Girl Dragon: India’s first martial arts film

The official teaser of “Enter the Girl Dragon” was released today at 3:12 pm which is the universal birth time of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Ram Gopal Varma is introducing an actress trained in martial arts. Pooja Bhalekar plays the lead in ‘Enter the Girl Dragon’, a martial arts film produced and directed by RGV. The teaser has been unveiled on the occasion of Bruce Lee’s 80th anniversary. According to RGV, the movie is a love triangle between a girl, her boyfriend, and her love for Bruce Lee. RGV is a Bruce Lee fan and the film is his tribute to the martial arts icon. Pooja Bhalekar has done her own stunts in the film. Interestingly, she also performed stunts in a saree. Enter the Girl Dragon is an INDO CHINESE Co production and India’s first martials arts film. RGV has mentioned that the International trailer will be released on December 13 in Bruce Lee’s hometown Foshan City in China.

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